Apr 4, Monday updates

mi50 added the following stocks this morning

4/4/2016 CANFINHOME 1185
4/4/2016 KAKATCEM 214.69
4/4/2016 SAKHTISUG 39.39
4/4/2016 TRIVENI 52.96
4/4/2016 UPERGANGES 124.57
4/4/2016 CHOLAFIN 743.38

The total tally is now 25 stocks and 50% of the capital is deployed. Rest sits in LiquidBees.

Gemoetric has moved up remarkably after out pick  last week. Sugar exposure is now almost 33% of the pack and is a bit unnerving but we will stick to the system.

We will now review positions on Fri , Apr 8th.

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