mi50- Monthly report Apr16


mi50 has completed one month of operations.  The strategy took the entire month to get fully populated and hence performance would be seen in that light.  We now have 50 stocks with 2% allocation each.

The strategy closed Apr16 at +3.75% vs Nifty gains of +1.4%.

Of the 50 stocks 30 stocks were gaining (on average 9%) and 20 stocks were losing ( on average -3.19%). The strategy aims for 50% winners with 2:1 or more winning ratio.

The top gaining stocks have been Kakatcem (+40%), Bodalchem(+23%) and BBL (+21%).
The top losing stocks have been SagCem (-9.5%), Wstcstpapr(-9.5%) and Kiriindus (-9%).

There were no exits.



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