A great week…mi50 closes at +15.17%

image (16)
A great week since ..

  1. We got our second 2 “bagger” in UperGanges after KakatCem
  2. mi50 gained more than 4% this week while the benchmarks slipped
  3. We achieved a milestone at 15% , a target set for the end of the year

More soberly,  it is only of gloat value right now to talk of meeting targets since 2 weeks of blood bath can decimate these gains…However given that historical back test draw-downs have never exceeded 25% from peaks, loss of capital is now significantly reduced going forward.

The internals of the strategy remain robust.

#Winners Avg Gain #Losers Avg Loss
40.00 20.62% 14 -4.05%

The top gaining stocks are KakatCem and UperGanges while top losing stocks are 3Mindia and WstCstPapr. There were no changes this week.

Have a happy Weekend. Use it to live life fully.

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