First Quarter mi50 report – Up 25.97%

A good first quarter to start with. Always a confidence booster to be in the money on start.

The mi50 strategy has yielded 25.97% absolute return for the period Apr-Jun 2016. The Nifty 50 in the same period yielded 7.1%, CNX 500 8.2%, CNX 200 7.5% and CNX small cap 19%. The composition of mi50 is strictly not comparable to any one benchmark, yet we are pleased to have outperformed them all.


image (34)

image (33)

The internals of the strategy are healthy.

Wins Avg win Losses Avg loss
45.00 29.74% 9 -3.33%

The distribution of the sectors is as follows :

image (27)

Sugar and Cement have contributed significantly to the positive momentum.


The stock returns distribution is shown below. There are 3 stocks at or above 100% returns with several that look like will join that club soon.


image (35)

Some chartists including myself are of the firm opinion that we may be on the edge of a massive uptrend that will take us to new highs on the broader market. I expect mi50 to keep up the out-performance in that case.  Have a good evening!

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