Under-performance week- No change

mi50 closed at +28.17% vs vs 27.79% last week. We kissed a high of 30% mid week. We have under-performed both the broad indices this week. It is difficult to pinpoint why.

image (42)image (41)

Intra-week we got our first 4 bagger in UperGanges. Orient paper jumped well this week to reach a gain of 81%. Only 3 out of 50 stocks currently are in loss territory.image (40)

There is no change in the portfolio mix. A fall in the stocks held will signal broad sell off in market while a pick up of number of stocks held indicated a bullish phase. We are at house full (50 stocks ) cruising position. No worries as yet.

The internals are sound:

#Wins Avg #Losses Avg
47.00 30.74% 7 -3.82%

Have a great healthy weekend!


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