Mi50 ATH @32.68% – Month end report – 2 changes

Happy to announce we closed the July month at a All Time High for Mi50 – an absolute return of 32.68% since inception ( 4 months).  The broader indices Nifty50 and CNX500 are up by 11.6% and 13.6% respectively.


image (45)image (46)

Not just the out-performance of mi50 over the index but the growth of the out-performance is also gradually improving.

image (49)

This week gone by saw Mi50 improve by about 3% based mainly on sugar and cement advances. There are two changes in the portfolio this week.

The two candidates going out are SanghiInd and CosmoFilms.  The returns on these two trades is -5.89% and -0.63%

The two candidates in are

7/29/2016 WONDERLA 411.71
7/29/2016 MANALIPETC 33.90

image (48)

Uper Ganges sugar is the top trade , up more than 300% to date. Many others are lurking around the 80-120% range.image (47)

The internals of the system remain extremely healthy though this is expected in a bullish environment.

Wins Avg Losses Avg
47.00 35.57% 9 -3.08%


I want to wish you a happy weekend. Thank you for keeping me company in this journey.

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