weekly report: Mi50 up +37.39%

A short week saw Mi50 perform well with YTD close of Mi50 at +37.39% vs Nifty @+13.5% and CNX500 @+16% gains. Paper and chemicals were the big winners.image-70

The max draw-down during the week was -3.09% and Mi50 closed at its ATH weekly close.


The strategy gained about a percent in the week while both the benchmarks lost more than a percent each. The relative out-performance of Mi50 over the broader indices also reached its highest this week at 21.53%


As long as we outperform the benchmarks AND (not OR) we get absolute 15-20% per year gain, we would be happy with the strategy.

The internals of the trades remain very strong.

All Wins Avg Losses Avg
54 35.91% 15 -4.71%

As we get closer to the Fed interest rate outcome next week and later the debates of  Trump Vs Clinton are expected to cause strong volatility in the market. I firmly believe K.I.S.S. principle will always deliver. The simple strategy awaits the inevitable turbulence for its first big test.

Our motto remains STAY HUNGRY but don’t BE FOOLISH. Have a Happy Weekend.

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