End of week :Mi50 +45.48% YTD. No portfolio change.


Mi50 +45.48% vs Nifty50 +11% vs CNX500 +15.4%


Max Draw down this week -1.6%image-3

The “surgical” dip ( the last deep cut on red line) actually was a turning point for out-performance (a full 9% out-performance since that dip over CNX500) . Don’t ask me why coz’ I got no clue. 🙂


There has been no change in Mi50 constitution for a few weeks now. It gets a bit boring at times 🙂 But somewhere I read that most of the real money making is in the boring part. If it is exciting, better look out 🙂

Have  a great weekend. We are just about 3 weeks from POTUS vote, an event that can really shake up the market.

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