New ATH on Mi50/ 2 changes

Mi50 closed up at its highest ever weekly close at +47.77% absolute gain for FY2016-17. The NSE50 and CNX500 are up 11.6% and 16.2% respectively for the same period.


The out-performance over NSE50 reached a ATH at 36.14% while the out-performance over CNX500 reached a ATH at 31.62%.



The two exclusions done today are :

9/9/2016 TORNTPHARM 1670.70
8/12/2016 NATCOPHARM 631.00

The above trades lost 15.24% and 7.7.5% respectively.

The new entrants are  :

10/28/2016 PNBGILTS 36.89
10/28/2016 PROZONINTU 46.49

The new segment distribution looks like this : Pharma has been booted out and Real Estate/ Infra has added on.image (16).png

The overall trade performance is now at :

All trades Wins Avg Losses Avg
53 46.27% 24 -4.51%

The exits have been almost equal in number but performance is almost 5:1

Exits Wins Avg Losses Avg
14 31.29% 15 -6.14%

The trade distribution:
image (17).png

image (18).png

The maximum daily draw down this week was (-2.5%) and it has closed at -0.6%.

The POTUS vote is less than two weeks away. Trump will surely cause a lot of Mi50 exits while Hillary may not cause much damage. I expect a sell off either way though intensity may differ.

Have a great Diwali! Let systematic investing light up your lives too next year. It certainly has mine.



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