Mi50’s TRUMPet stands MODIfied this week…!

Modi and Trump changed the world for India this week. Wild gyrations and surprise moves created oceans of adrenaline while mi50 meandered through the maze with relative less bruises.

Mi50 has closed the week at 37.19% vs 7.2% and 10.4% for Nse50 and CNX500 for the FY respectively.


The draw-down reached about 17% intra-day on Nov 9th and was 12.82% at the end of the week, the deepest since the inception.


The out performance of Mi50 vs the two indices this week continued to decline. The momentum in market is severely dented.

The stocks that were exited today with their performance are:

GRUH -3.38%
OMAXE 9.68%

The ones added are:

11/11/2016 DHANUKA 746
11/11/2016 GOLDENTOBC 69
11/11/2016 GIPCL 105

The strategy now has 35 shares in play and about 24% capital in LiquidBees.

The distribution of sectors now : image-31

The Win Loss statistics for all the trades are :

All Wins Avg Losses Avg
55 37.04% 26 -7.61%

The same ratios for the exited trades are:

Exits Wins Avg Losses Avg
26 30.90% 20 -6.52%

The celebration at the 50% landmark lasted only a day. I can only hope we can revisit that sometime soon.  Lets rest this weekend. It has been hectic.

5 thoughts on “Mi50’s TRUMPet stands MODIfied this week…!

  1. Your system continues to amaze me :-). It sold off NBFC/Housing Fin/Cement/Property/Auto – all of these may be in trouble due to demonetisation. Also good call of 24% cash because even my system says ‘may be’ we will not revisit your 50% gain mark before Mar 2017.


  2. Rising US bond yields, Possible FED hike in Dec, Rising commodities (see Iron ore price chart over last 1 year) and falling EM currencies/Equities – all consistent with past correlation and suggest temporary correction (may be for next 3-4 months) within large global reflation trade over CY 2017?


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