Mi25 – Summer Surprise!

So Jio is closing the Summer Surprise offer soon… Let Mi25 start one now. 🙂

Jokes apart, I have shared the Mi25 document with all those who have evinced interest in the product so far. Please feel free to browse around and make yourself comfortable. Do point out errors if you find any. There is a FAQ section. Please go through it and let me know the Questions that remain unanswered. If you did not receive the Google sharing please let me know your GMAIL ID again. Others, if you are likely to subscribe, please send me a mail ( alok@rohiniglobal.com) saying so or tweet your GMAIL ID. You can use the sheet till we start formal subscription – likely later this month.

Pricing for Mi25 subscription will be INR 11000 for 6 months and INR 20000 for 12 months if prepaid. Service chrges/GST (when applicable after INR10 lacs per year receipts) will be additional. The product is suited for portfolio sizes (5-25lacs). A model portfolio of INR10 lacs will run in the googlesheet. For larger portfolios (25 lacs to 1 cr) , Mi50 may be a more suitable product.


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