Volumes of stocks selected..

So lets address some queries on some of the Mi25 stocks not having enough volumes…. Ok so why this may have happenned ?

  1. In couple of cases, the stocks were in good volumes before they were put in the BE    (Trade for trade) segment and volumes shrank considerably.
  2. Genuine loss of interest or structural change in industry.
  3. Exceptional event near the buy to have caused unusual volumes then.

Of these the #3 is certainly avoidable by measuring long term volumes with recent ones. #2 is not likely to affect Mi25 as stocks will exit  in this strategy way before there is loss of interest in the industry. Now #1 although is out of our control, we can tighten the volume filters to try avoid low volume stocks without affecting the performance in proportion.

As a measure of safety for a smooth start off we will also limit the number of members on boarding from day 1 to max 50 subscribers.

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