UPDATED : Mi25 sponsors a girl child in Andhra Pradesh..Navya

As per the objective of Mi25, WeekendInvesting will sponsor primary education for multiple girl child, 4-11 years of age in various parts of the country through multiple agencies / NGOs.   The plan is to gradually add concurrent support to 36 children for at-least 3 years each depending on availability of funds and viability of the Mi25 project. These children will be in different parts of the country (29 states and 7 UTs). We will add one girl child to the program every month.

Today, the first child was supported from Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh, India


This is Navya (privacy protected photo). She is 10 yrs old and lives in a mud house in Kobbarithota, Andhra Pradesh. She speaks Telugu. Her father is a laborer and mother a housewife. Your (mi25 subscribers’) support will help her stay in school and complete her eductation.

I wish to thank each and every one of you who subscribed to Mi25 with this activity as a backdrop. You may never know but the good karma that you have done will surely bless you in more ways that imaginable.

Mi25 remains open to new subscribers. Good Day.

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