Mi50 – Monthly Update July 2017

7/31/2017 10.17% 10077 9.84% 8793 9.98%

At the close of July 2017, the strategy is up 10.17 pct for the FY vs 9.84% for the Nifty 50 and 9.98% for the broader CNX500. The strategy high point achieved this month was at 12.54% and low at 9.98%

The corresponding figures for June end were

6/30/2017 7.90% 9521 3.78% 8332 4.22%

The new entrants this month have been:


and the deletions have been :


There are now 42 constituents in the strategy and cash level is Zero.
The biggest gainer this FY is MEP at near +85% while top loser is SIMPLEXINF at -14%. The strategy has under-performed the indices this month.

chart (33)chart (34)chart (35)

This strategy is lagging my other strategy Mi25 so far this year. A new strategy Mi40 is intended to be launched shortly in month of Aug 2017.

The Mi50 strategy remains open for new entrants. Do write in to alok@weekendinvesting.com or visit weekendinvesting.com for further queries.

2 thoughts on “Mi50 – Monthly Update July 2017

  1. Alok,
    What will make you think smallcap index itself has made some intermediate top? What is the highest % gain for a week till date in Mi50?
    My Indicators suggest we are entering final 6-8 weeks of euphoric zone in Smallcap Index so asked.


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