Mid Quarter performance review

Hereon, we will post a mid quarter review of the quarter and overall strategy performance besides the end of quarter detailed reports.

Index FY1718-YTD Gain Today From Apr2016
Nifty 50 11.34% 0.95% 32.00%
CNX 500 13.38% 1.01% 40.50%
Strategy FY1718-YTD Gain today From Apr2016
Mi25 70.57% 2.01% 199.03%
Mi50 25.72% 1.61% 93.63%
Mi40 24.12% 1.32% 58.63%
*Mi40 started LIVE 1Oct2017/ Mi25 1Apr2017/ Mi50 1Apr2016. All results before live start based on same principles but over actual data.


13 thoughts on “Mid Quarter performance review

  1. Interested in either MI25 or MI20. I have already registered in your portal. Willing to invest around 20 lakhs.


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