Initial Steps to setup your portfolio and FAQs

A detailed operating manual and FAQs can be seen here

Thanks to a gracious user  who has shared this following step-wise graphic, the same can be used in conjunction with the FAQs above and the Videos (links below) to better understand the steps needed to set up your portfolios (Same steps for all , Mi20, Mi25, Mi50, Mi40 products)


Steps V.2 (1)



Click to access procedure_to_setup_own_portfolio_sheetpdf.pdf

Click to access mi25faq2.pdf


11 thoughts on “Initial Steps to setup your portfolio and FAQs

  1. 1st time portfolio formation is made by the tool which auto calculates no of shares of each company basis allocated capital- say 5 lacs for ex. the proportion or weightage mimicks the master portfolio. Unused sits in liquidbees. HOWEVER, new purchase if any in coming weeks will be by default 4% of that day portfolio value. so initial formation and subsequent purchase are done in 2 different ways. Is my understanding correct ?


  2. Hi Alok Ji,
    I registered for Mi-20 portfolio, can you please suggest when I will get to know if my registration has been accepted, when I can think to start investing and when/where to transfer the fees?
    I will like to arrange/freeze my funds for investing in the same.


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