Steps on how to add/remove capital to a running Weekendinvesting portfolio..

How to add capital to your exisiting portfolio
1. So you are say having some allocated of xx lacs and a running portfolio of y no of stocks.
2. Now you want to add /remove some capital to this
3. Go to the utility on the master-sheet and add the proposed capital amount on the top right orange box
4. You will now have the additional quantities that you need to purchase ( including liquid bees) with your additional capital (or the qty to be removed for reduced capital)
5. Once purchased (sold), for each stock, now you have to manually (or on excel) calculate your now total qty and average price and replace in the appropriate columns (in your sheet).
6. Replace PFstart (P2) with your original + (or minus) the proposed capital
7. This should be it. If errors try to see if can fix it else go to File>version history> and restore the version before changes and do all over again.

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