Weekendinvesting Smallcase update – Oct 19

Hello! Season’s Greetings!

You are well aware that Weekendinvesting.com is an advisory that uses non-discretionary momentum strategies to run stock portfolios. We have three momentum portfolios listed on the Smallcase platform that users can run in their own accounts.  You can read more about them here.

We are happy to report that all three portfolios are running as per expectations and we hope that we shall be able to fully utilize the current momentum in the markets and build on a meaningful performance.

Usually from our experience we have seen that users enter the market very late in the cycle and miss the uptrend or most of it. While we too cannot time the market, it is always best to come in when there is fear all around and if one can gradually keep adding to the investment in small lump-sum measures.

To know more about the concept of Smallcase and about our portfolios, please see this primer.

The performance of the three smallcases on the last month  basis is here:


In keeping with our ethos of complete transparency we wish to happily disclose that over 135 users are now using the products and have committed over INR 4 crores to the same. The average actual gain in the client portfolios (entry at various points) stands at +6.82% as of now.  We believe the service can reach to a very large number given that all strategies are geared towards highly liquid stocks.


If you wish to subscribe to our products please visit our website or follow these steps .
All our strategies come with our unique Service Guarantee that ensures that our interests’ remain aligned with yours.

Have a great day!

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