Weekly Performance Update 13th Mar 2020

The harrowing week is finally over… the long only strategies all got beaten blue and black. The saving grace is that some of them are still in the green for the FY and cash raise has been huge…Up-to as much as 70% cash in some. The strategies will now simmer until new momentum is found and that can take some time. The fact that our smallcase strategy is down 2% vs smallcap index drop of near 30% and 62% cash shows how adherence to discipline can give you the alpha.

Same is the case with STAIRS, our long short index trading product. The returns of just 10 weeks in the CY20 are phenomenal at 36% on capital ( or approx 108% on margin)

We will keep sticking to strategy come what may. We are pretty sure we will do alright as long as we do that.

Have a good Weekend !

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