Weekly Performance Update Jun 05 2020

A remarkable week where the indices leapt up on back of a strong Emerging Market move. All portfolios moved up but could not keep pace with the benchmarks as most portfolio are still with significant cash. The long short STAIRS did well and gained for the week. Overall the markets have surprised all and that continues. There is a lot of FOMO on the street that is driving the markets now.

We are happy to announce the STAIRS family is now 675 members. The current subscription rates will remain open till we reach concurrent 750 members, post which a substantial hike will need to be done as I want to curb new users. All annual users are covered with our service assurance of min 8% model returns else free continuation of subscription.

On our smallcases we have seen a good traction . The Mi_ST_ATH smallcase remains the most popular one. We now have nearly 390 users who are running close to 10 crores of capital. I  remember 6 months back this figure was near 4.5 cr and 180 users. Overall since since we started the cumulative client capital is near -1% of capital so nothing much got lost despite all the mayhem.



The Good Bad and Ugly of our portfolios are these… Have a good Weekend!!

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