Weekly Performance Review Jul 03 2020

The markets finally moved out of the consolidation this week and are racing up along with the rest of emerging markets pack. The Bank Nifty however has been lagging and impeding the move ahead.

Mi_ST_ATH our star smallcase was adjudged the best among st many other smallcases and mutual funds including the starred ones like PPFAS etc and was rated at the top by an independent study. This was indeed a feather in the cap.


The long portfolios have moved ahead while STAIRS has also gained some ground. The quarterly reports should come out in the next couple of days if my work can keep up with the momentum 🙂




Some excellent testimonials of the week that keep me charged to keep going on!!




I have been following you and STAIRS Free channel for quite some time and i am amazed by  straight forwardness in your views and your trading acumen(STAIRS consistent performance shows that).I sincerely respect you for creating such an amazing product.I don’t see STAIRS just as a product, giving signals on NIFTY and BANK NIFTY,but also as a product which teaches DISCIPLINE and PATIENCE which are the most important qualities of an aspiring trader. I honestly feel you can charge more.


Have a safe weekend!

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