Weekly Performance Review Jul 24 2020

Another week of amazing volatility has gone by.  Nifty started the week from a trend mode and spent the whole week more or less in a range.



Bank Nifty weakened towards the end of the week and remained indecisive.

The Nifty Implied Vol is at 20 and that of BankNifty is at 33. We use these for position sizing in our LONG SHORT product STAIRS

The weekendinvesting small case products have done well this week and for the year so far barring the Long term case. From this week I will update the smallcase re-balance notification here as well

Mi_LT_CNX200    : ADD  1 new stock.
Mi_MT_Allcap     : NO CHANGE
Mi_ST_ATH           :Replace  1 stock.


Since Inception in Apr 16, all these strategies have beaten the benchmarks by a wide margin.


In the LIVE product strategies,  all products gained with Mi25 and Mi50 standing out. The over diversification of Mi50 has not impeded the performance in any way contrary to popular belief.  All in all the LIVE products provides a mature ground for more diversified and lower risk strategies than the smallcases.


STAIRS gained during the week as Long Nifty trade started on 15th July continued. Bank Nifty was also long for most of the week before turning Short.

The options tests are going well. Both the weekly and the Monthly model gained this week but the weekly options look much much more promising to me.

This is all for this weekly update. Have a SAFE weekend!!

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