IOLCP – Illiquid stock issue – to be Re-balanced out

Pursuant to my post yesterday and subsequent discussion with smallcase/zerodha teams , we have decided to rebalance this stock out As a special case Mi MT ALLCap and Mi25 smallcase will have a rebalance on Wed 26 08 2020 . Live products Mi 25 and Mi50 will have a special rebalance today at close. … Continue reading IOLCP – Illiquid stock issue – to be Re-balanced out

Distribution of Weekendinvesting smallcase products

Hello, this is a blog on how to distribute Weekendinvesting smallcases. Weekendinvesting is a suite of momentum products run by Alok Jain . This bouquet of products, is available in two broad formats Smallcase Products (Mi_LT_CNX200, Mi_MT_Allcap Mi_ST_ATH, Mi25) These products are run through the Smallcase platform which is linked to multiple brokers and helps … Continue reading Distribution of Weekendinvesting smallcase products

Pricing update – review on Mi_ST_ATH

I had previously announced a plan to hike the pricing on the ATH smallcase from its current introductory pricing on Oct 31 2020 ( I am told that it will be a technical difficulty to keep some users at old rates and new ones at new rates.  New rates will apply to all from Oct … Continue reading Pricing update – review on Mi_ST_ATH

Mi25 Smallcase – A journey of last 4 years Mi25 is a LIVE momentum strategy at since 2016. It focuses only on small-cap stocks. Small cap stocks are typically all the ones which are below the Large and Mid cap universe ( top 250 stocks as defined by SEBI) On the National Stock Exchange there are about 1700+ stocks listed on date … Continue reading Mi25 Smallcase – A journey of last 4 years