Distribution of Weekendinvesting smallcase products

Hello, this is a blog on how to distribute Weekendinvesting smallcases.

Weekendinvesting is a suite of momentum products run by Alok Jain . This bouquet of products, is available in two broad formats

Smallcase Products
(Mi_LT_CNX200, Mi_MT_Allcap Mi_ST_ATH, Mi25)

These products are run through the Smallcase platform which is linked to multiple brokers and helps in a very convenient way of managing the portfolio with a few clicks once every week on a Monday. This format is good for smaller portfolio sizes (min recommended 3-5Lacs ) . These products are mostly concentrated and more aggressive in nature.

LIVE Products
(Mi25, Mi30, Mi40, Mi50)

This set of products is run on a complete DIY basis through your existing brokerage in a more conventional way. A live model portfolio google sheet is shared with you at all times. These portfolios are updated weekly in LIVE market near Fridays closing. These products are more suited for larger portfolio sizes ( min recommended 10-15L). These products are in general more diversified and mature in nature.

This blog is dedicated to discussing distribution of the Smallcase products.

Persons/firms/Companies that are engaged in distribution of financial products like Mutual Funds/PMS etc to retail clients are best suited for this arrangement.

Steps for distribution :
1. Send me a mail if this if you wish to distribute these products at alok@weekendinvesting.com

2. Sign an agreement  ( sample )

3. You are then registered by me on smallcase as a Referrer for Weekendinvesting and given access to the platform to manage your Relationship Managers RM and the clients that come through you.  A manual for operation can be seen here. Video on RM onboarding is here.

Let me know if your have any queries.  alok@weekendinvesting.com

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