How to re-balance weekendinvesting strategies

If you are a smallcase format user of weekendinvesting products, you will receive a re-balance email from Smallcase every Monday.

This email will come to you before the start of the session.
The email will come regardless of whether there is a change in the portfolio. If there is no change it will say so.

If you are yet to invest in the smallcase, you will not receive the re balance email.

The changes on the portfolio are ALSO visible if you want to look at the portfolio at

The weekly blog at will also update you about the coming Monday morning re-balance email .

The re-balance email can be executed using few clicks. Allow the markets to stabilize over first few minutes as the re-balance orders are all AT MARKET orders.

If you miss a re-balance for a week, do not worry as the re-balance will take care of the deficiency therein.


If you are a LIVE product user you read this from the archives


Any questions, just send mail to

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