The Good Bad and Ugly Weekly review 04 Sep 2020

The market was uni -directional this week and that direction was DOWN

The week started with a unexpected gap up and the slam down by nifty by almost 500 points, one of the largest falls recently. The BankNifty was also slammed but not as much. Within the week there was sideway move and ended the week with a massive gap down again.

STAIRS got roughed up this week first with the sudden fall at the start of the week , then the sideways move choked it and the gap down again caught it by surprise. The strategy lost about 12 pct in the week . One of the worst weeks in recent times.
The work is on for testing options on BUY only and on Sell spread mode. Results will be shared soon. Once these are tested out they will be offered as part of the STAIRS strategy and users will be able to utilize the STAIRS advantage using lower capital and lower risk per trade mode.

The smallcases all held well and gained ahead. The gains in both MiMTAllcap and MiSTATH have been phenomenal and while the market does look a bit heated up these strategies should be invested into at every sharp drop.

For Monday 07 SEP 2020, the proposed changes are:

Mi_MT_Allcap     : 1 DELETION
Mi_ST_ATH           :5 DELETIONS, 3 ADDS
Mi 25                      :NO CHANGE.

Mi25 our top performing LIVE product was added to the smallcase bouquet also few weeks ago.  The Mi25 strategy is based on small cap stocks and the smallcase will be suitable for portfolio size of 5 to 15 lac approx.  The annual plan was launched at 14999 ( GST incl) and a trial 3 month plan at 4999( GST Incl) A special one time limited offer is offered for the existing Mi25 LIVE users if they wish to join the smallcase at 50% off for the annual plan closes on Sep 5th 2020.

In the LIVE product strategies,  all products gained handsomely with Mi25 and Mi50 standing out. The LIVE products provides a mature ground for more diversified and lower risk strategies than the smallcases and are suited for larger portfolios.

That is all this week. STAY SAFE and stay in peace !

3 thoughts on “The Good Bad and Ugly Weekly review 04 Sep 2020

  1. Dear sir, Thank you the update. I have subscribed to your mi_st_ath.You have recommended now 5 deletion and 3 additionBut how do I see those scrips for change.I mean there is no login id for access account where this changes are mentioned.Kindly guide Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


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