Split Adjustment – Laurus Labs

LAURUSLABS has been split 5:1 effective Sep 29 2020

For Smallcase products, nothing needs to be done it will be adjusted automatically

For LIVE products
Please adjust your quantity by a factor of 5 (10 shares now 50) and your price goes 1/5th Respective changes have been done in the Mastersheet

3 thoughts on “Split Adjustment – Laurus Labs

  1. I bought 10 shares of lauras labs on 21st September 2020 @1524. My 10 shares should have been 50 by now, but its still showing 10 only but the prices has been gone 5 times down


      1. Sunny, today the scrip has just gone ex bonus/split. I guess the record date is 30thSep. So the share I’ll be allotted in due course and will automatically be done by the depository in due course. Can be a in a day, week two, no one knows.

        On a lighter note, Weekend investing hai, weekend Ko hi rate dekha Karo na .
        Just kidding.

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