Mi-NNF10- Monthly Review Nov 2020 (updated 01.12.2020)

As you would recall, I had launched this new smallcase Mi-NNF10 ( Momentum Investing on Nifty next 50 index with a 10 stock portfolio) built around the concept of finding momentum within the Nifty Next 50 universe and having a semi-passive approach to a monthly rebalance just a few weeks back at Diwali. Here was … Continue reading Mi-NNF10- Monthly Review Nov 2020 (updated 01.12.2020)

The Good Bad and Ugly Weekly Report Nov 27 2020

To get this weekly report directly to your e-mail Click this Yet another week of in-decision in the market for the frontline benchmark indies. Both Nifty and BankNifty remains totally non trending for the entire week where as the broader indices gained ground. STAIRS our trading product was hit hard again this week. The futures models … Continue reading The Good Bad and Ugly Weekly Report Nov 27 2020

Sometimes charts can speak louder than words..

Here are performance charts (gross, before costs) for all our Smallcase products. More exciting smallcase products are in the pipeline for launch soon.Mi_ST_ATH 10 stock portfolio, chases All time High Stocks / CAGR 43.47% Mi_MT_Allcap 20 stock portfolio, Diversified all cap momentum / CAGR 31.24% Mi25 25 stock small cap only portfolio / CAGR 29.08% … Continue reading Sometimes charts can speak louder than words..


As you are aware, I run many momentum model products at the following websites.1. LIVE products Mi25/Mi30/Mi40/Mi50 at weekendinvesting.com2. Smallcase products at weekendinvesting.smallcase.com 3. STAIRS ( including Options4STAIRS) at STAIRS2profits.comWhile I do not offer phone support (as a choice to help keep communication accountable and scalable), I do try to make up by trying to … Continue reading support@weekendinvesting.com