2 new Smallcases Mi30 and Mi50

Well, to be honest these two are not new at all !

The strategies have been running since 2016 as LIVE products at weekendinvesting.com . Over the years as we developed more and more products on weekendinvesting.smallcase.com the convenience of managing the portfolio at smallcase became very evident and hence a lot of demand from existing users to have the Mi30 and Mi50 ALSO on the smallcase platform.

On the National Stock Exchange there are about 1700+ stocks listed on date and the top 500 market cap stocks constitute the CNX500 Index. Mi30 is a strategy built on the stocks constituting the universe of CNX500 stocks.

Mi30 – A near 30 diversified momentum stock portfolio from CNX500 universe only

The top 100 stocks that have a market cap of 26,000 to 13,00,000 crores categorized as large caps, the next 150 have a market cap of 8,000 to 26,000 crores classified as mid caps and the rest are all small-caps. For purposes of filtering out smallcap companies the Mi50 strategy ( or any strategy within the umbrella of weekendinvesting) does not look at companies with market caps below 1000 crores . This leaves us with a universe of nearly 525 companies which we use to construct the Mi50.

Mi50 – A near 50 stock amazingly diversified momentum stock portfolio on Mid and Smallcap stocks only.

The core engine in the two vehicles and for all other momentum products of Weekendinvesting remains the same. The engine tuning is different however…Some variants are tuned to give you better torque at the start of the rally and others will catch the trend late. Some will exit early and have more churn others will exit late and have lesser churn.

Both these strategies are meant for larger sized portfolios and will make sense for accounts in the 10-50Lacs range

The performance to date in the last five years has been quite satisfying and as per expectation. Mi30 has clocked a CAGR 21.8% and Mi50 at 26.2%. The churn in both strategies depending on the year has remained in the 1.5x to 2.5x range per year. The max drawdown at end of any quarter in last 5 years for Mi30 has been at 18.2% and Mi50 at 20.2%. These two strategies can complement each other as well as they address somewhat different segments in the markets with there being a 9 stock overlap currently.

The quarterly data for the last 5 years (updated to Feb 2021) is presented below. You will be surprised to see that in the most severe market drawdown quarter of Jan to Mar 2020, Mi30 dipped just 11.6% and Mi50 at -4.8% vs 29% on CNX500 and 38% on smallcap index. This is possible only because of tactical allocation and ability of these strategies to move to cash when needed.


Performance on an annual basis


In the past there have been many multi-baggers in either strategy and in the current the following stocks are leading the charge to give you a brief preview

Mi50 winners currently with >100% gains

Mi30 winners currently with >100% gains

The advantage of having a structured strategy are aplenty. Any strategy should answers these 4 KEY questions below at all times and investing can henceforth becomes less taxing and more enjoyable. Hundreds of users have been enjoying these strategies since many years now.

What to BUY ?
When to BUY ?
How MUCH to BUY ?
When to SELL

The LIVE versions will continue as they were as many prefer to do it that way or for those whose brokers are not yet on smallcase. These new versions will appeal to those who wish to execute with less effort through the smallcase platform.

The pricing of the strategies on smallcase inclusive of GST will be:

AnnualQuarterly Trial

Any questions can be sent to support@weekendinvesting.com . We are always ready to respond ASAP. The subscriptions are non refundable and these model portfolios are not to be seen as advice.

15 thoughts on “2 new Smallcases Mi30 and Mi50

  1. I have subscribed recently to MI50. Will there be any overlap of stocks between Mi50 and MI 30.
    Can the same stock be part of both the portfolios?

    Also, can you please explain a bit more on how Mi30 and MI50 compliment each other.


  2. I have some corpus to invest in this fund. Shall I invest all at once or go month-on-month basis?

    Thanks and very happy to see this product on smallcase.


  3. 1. Alokji..With ur vast experience n knowledge, I am sure u will always have an inkling of an impending, Yes Bank type, or a Black Swan type situation, Or in case of a breaking news of Corp Governance issues in a stock, and if such an event occurs on a Mon/ Tue, then, won’t it be prudent to rebalance on that day, or even mid week itself, instead of waiting for Friday?

    2. Why is smallcase subs more for Mi 30 than MI 50? I want to invest 15.0 L, but if possible, please, I need ur or ur team’s help, in choosing between the two. I like Mi30, because of Large Cap exposure, but I like MI 50 because of more diversification. Also I would prefer a lesser churn between the two.
    Thank you.


  4. Hello Alokji,
    I have subscribed to annual allcaps smallcase. I want to subscribe to a smallcap smallcase as well.
    I find it tough to compare all your smallcase products. Is it possible to have consolidated table, where the horizontal axis contains different comparison parameters and vertical axis is for products. It will really help the clients.


  5. Hi Alok Sir,

    I feel the charges are more than Mutual Fund charges. Why should I not invest in for ex. Axis Bank Smallcap MF where the expense ratio is around 2%. For Mi50, the annual subscription charges are around 33K, which for an investment of 10L is 3.3 %. What are the advantages that this fund would offer over a smallcap MF?
    I am just trying to give myself a good reason for choosing this smallcase over Axis Bank Smallcap MF.



      1. Thanks. I invested in this smallcase. I am planning to run this smallcase for atleast 5 years. I have a few queries about some best practices:-

        a) How should I go about my investment plan? Shall I invest a lumpsum of 10L? Or shall I do it over a period of time with a SIP?
        b) What is the profit booking strategy that you would suggest?



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