The Good Bad & Ugly Weekly Review : July 23 2021

Performance Update

The Weekendinvesting Smallcases have had a tremendous start to the FY22 and the last 5 years and 16 weeks have been a great testimonial to the strategies.

Read the complete report using the link below.

Note : Kindly open the report in any browser if charts are not visible.

2 thoughts on “The Good Bad & Ugly Weekly Review : July 23 2021

  1. I am planning to subscribe to WI Smallcases, currently in the process of moving my Demat holding from ICICIDirect to Zerodha. With regards to WI Smallcases need some clarification as I didn’t find it anywhere,
    1. If I take annual subscription to a WI Smallcase for 12 months which has charges of Rs 9999/- per year then wanted to what happens in below scenarios,
    a. If I exit smallcase 3 months or 6 months into subscription can I still reinvest in same small case later on till my subscription is valid?
    b. If I have active investment in a WI Smallcase where subscription expires post one year what happens? Does it stop suggesting rebalancing? Can I still independently exit Smallcase post subscription expiry?
    c. If suggested weekly rebalance is ignored how does it affect or perform a rebalancing the week after or after gap of multiple rebalance ignored?
    d. If WI Smallcase is customised how does it work for rebalancing and overall performance of smallcase
    e. If my subscription cost for WI Smallcase is 9999/- annually then my investment amount should be ideally Rs 500K+ so that in percentage terms this is about 2% of capital invested so the Smallcase can actually give me decent returns. In addition each rebalance based on how many shares and bought and sold each week will add additional cost so how to calculate actual returns earned


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