Update on change in the business structure at WeekendInvesting.com

As you are aware Weekendinvesting has been running a SEBI RIA license (#INA100007532) in the name of Alok Jain, since Apr 2017 and over this period we have built a large customer base and offer a variety of products under the banner of Weekendinvesting.com and STAIRS2profits.com

All our offerings are non-customized and have no element of advice in them. We do not offer any financial planning of users and all products are standardized ones that are available to users to choose based on their own assessment. We have been working like a research analyst within the ambit of a RIA license as also permitted by law.

That since our business model is more suited towards Research Analyst license, we think that shifting to the same would be the true representation of what we do at WeekendInvesting

Also, moving from an individual to a Corporate structure is in the best long term interest of our clients.

SEBI has granted us a Research Analyst license in the name of Weekendinvesting Analytics P Ltd, SEBI Regn #INH100008717 on 07 Sept 2021.

As on 07th Sept 2021, all the business activity along with proprietary knowledge base, branding, goodwill, arrangements with third parties etc. that existed in association with activity carried out by RIA license of Alok Jain, will get subsumed into Weekendinvesting Analytics P Ltd and the corporate entity will be fully responsible for completing the mandate taken up for each client hereon.

From a weekendinvesting client/ user perspective, nothing changes, and we continue business as usual. This note is for information only and no action is needed otherwise from your side.

We, at Weekendinvesting look forward to continuing this wonderful investing journey with you.


Alok Jain
Weekendinvesting Analytics (P) Ltd

Research Analyst
SEBI Regn No INH100008717

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