The Good Bad and Ugly weekly review : 08 Oct 2021

Looks like the HIGHS of the FESTIVE SEASON have rubbed off on the markets with almost all Indices clocking fantastic returns this week. The MID-SMALL 400 index topped the charts with 3.38% gains while all other indices clocked between 1.78% to 2.34%. It was a fantastic week for all our strategies. Mi ATH 2, after a small correction post launch, has risen up with extraordinary gains of 11.7% in the last one month and 6.35% just in the last 7 days. Mi Allcap also had a phenomenal week with 5.43% gains.

We would also like to highlight the Mi 50, the highly diversified 50 stock momentum strategy which has been our flagship product since 2016, coming out with 4.14% gains this week. Mi 50’s popularity can be attributed to its solid CAGR of 32.6% combined with a low Max Drawdown of 21.8% which is a result of it’s ability to protect investor’s capital by allocating to DEBT instruments during falls. You may check out the Smallcase here.

Overall, it has been a superb FY for all the strategies. Let’s hope this run continues.

Read the complete report using the link below.

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