The Good Bad and Ugly weekly review : 08 Apr 2022

Performance Update

This week saw very good gains across the depth of the market despite some selling from FIIs. Nifty Jnr (+4.05%), Mid-Small 400 Index (+3.42%) & Smallcap 250 Index (+3.27%) were the frontrunners amongst the Benchmark Indices. We also witnessed a strong 4% plus rally in COMMODITIES, METALS, ENERGY, FMCG & PSE.
REALTY & PSU BANKS have now rallied ferociously to pocket 16% plus in the last 30 days while IT has surprising been relatively quite weak returning a flat (1%).

This week was extremely good for all WeekendInvesting strategies. Mi NNF 10 – our 10 stock rotational momentum strategy has been a cracker returning a whopping (+5.82%) in the last week. All strategies had a very good week barring a couple. On the monthly front, Mi 20 (+18.67%) & Mi 35 (+17.87%) have performed beyond all our expectations. All strategies are off to a fantastic start in FY 23 and we hope this continues.

Click on the link below to read the full report

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