Sometimes charts can speak louder than words..

Here are performance charts (gross, before costs) for all our Smallcase products. More exciting smallcase products are in the pipeline for launch soon.Mi_ST_ATH 10 stock portfolio, chases All time High Stocks / CAGR 43.47% Mi_MT_Allcap 20 stock portfolio, Diversified all cap momentum / CAGR 31.24% Mi25 25 stock small cap only portfolio / CAGR 29.08% … Continue reading Sometimes charts can speak louder than words..

As you are aware, I run many momentum model products at the following websites.1. LIVE products Mi25/Mi30/Mi40/Mi50 at weekendinvesting.com2. Smallcase products at 3. STAIRS ( including Options4STAIRS) at STAIRS2profits.comWhile I do not offer phone support (as a choice to help keep communication accountable and scalable), I do try to make up by trying to … Continue reading