Hat-trick of Double Digit Returns

A Hat-trick is a coveted achievement particularly in the sporting world. Having witnessed the surreal joy people in the sporting world experience after achieving this brilliant feat, we at Weekend Investing were fortunate enough to get a taste of hat-tricks too when five of our smallcases clocked double digit returns for the third consecutive quarter between Q2 to Q4 in FY 2021 and two of them hitting it in all four quarters.

The Financial Year 2021 has been tough , challenging and a journey many wouldn’t have thought they’d embark upon. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our rapidly growing subscriber family for having trusted us with their investments especially during these tough times.

Many of our products over the last five years have achieved a stupendous gross performance and it is a result of discipline and core belief of “Bhav Bhagwan Che” that drives our momentum strategy.

You can read the complete report here . Our approach to investing is very quantitative and our reports are similar. We think it is best that the numbers do all the talking.

It feels absolutely surreal to have made a huge impact on many people’s investing journey through our products that have done outstandingly well not only in FY21 but over the last five years that we have been in the public view. We hope to carry the same momentum into FY 2022 as well.  Almost every day we wake up to amazing testimonials that would fill us with the joy of having made a difference to somebody. We live for small pleasures like that.

To get in touch with us just drop a mail to alok@weekedinvesting.com or visit weekendinvesting.smallcase.com to browse through our offerings.

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    Hat-trick of Double Digit Returns