Mi-NNF10- Monthly Review Nov 2020 (updated 01.12.2020)

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As you would recall, I had launched this new smallcase Mi-NNF10 ( Momentum Investing on Nifty next 50 index with a 10 stock portfolio) built around the concept of finding momentum within the Nifty Next 50 universe and having a semi-passive approach to a monthly rebalance just a few weeks back at Diwali.

Here was the launch piece

I am thrilled to release its first monthly report with more than a few hundred users who have joined us in this short time.

November 2020 was clearly a fantastic month for the bulls. Nifty 50 crossed its all-time highs of 12430 of January 2020 and now even hovering around 13000. MI_NNF10 enjoyed the bullish sentiment of the month and is up +10.08% returns in the last one month.

As you can see in the chart above, the strategy NNF10 has crossed its past peak and is riding up at index value of 485.12 ( 100 in Mar11) vs Nifty at 243 and Nifty Next 50 index at 290. The Nifty Next 50 (Red) is yet to cross its 2018 peak so far.

Long Term Performance

The CAGR clocked on the strategy is a very healthy 17.57% vs 11.53% and 9.53% in the respective indices thus proving that the momentum factor is successfully isolated by the strategy over long periods of time.

Performance 2020

In the calendar year 2020 also the NNF10 has performed well vs the respective benchmarks and continues to enjoy better returns with lower drawdowns. MI_NNF10 has clocked 11.55% in comparison to Nifty Next’s 7.13% and Nifty ’50s 6.54% returns in 2020

Monthly Performance Comparison

Monthly returns are clearly showing MI_NNF10 has better resilience in drawdowns during bad months. However, MI_NNF10 has underperformed other indices in November 2020 by a slight margin

Monthly Insights

Top Gainer ADANI GREENS +32.71%
Top Losers MUTHOOTFIN -6.34%

The current sectoral composition looks like this below. The Energy and the IT sectors gained while BFSI gave up some ground.

For the December Series, there are no entry/exits in the portfolio.
Each constituent is rebalanced to 10% weight at the end of each month thus booking part profits on out performance and increasing weight on underperformers if they still satisfy the inclusion conditions.

With the NNF index breaking out of its long consolidation, the road to the future looks bright. The strategy along with the markets will have its hiccups on the way but if the results of the last decade are of any significance, then there is a good probability of an outperformance in the coming one too!

Long term index /passive investors will do well in gradually building up an exposure to this strategy with an intent of having a low cost outperforming strategy executed right in their own account which will give diversification to their existing smallcase and direct stock investments. The strategy can be started for as little as INR 50,000 and can be gradually built up using SIPs or periodic lumpsums.

All queries get resolved quickly at support@weekendinvesting.com

Click here for subscription and strategy details

The strategy is run by Weekendinvesting.com through the Smallcase.com platform. This report has special inputs by Sumit Kumar Behal, my research partner.

This blog was updated on 1.12.2020 due to some erroneous (lower) performance numbers reported before

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Kanwaljit Singh Brar
Kanwaljit Singh Brar
3 years ago

Amazing road ahead for this wonderful smallcase. There is nothing more an investor can expect in this volatile market… πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Muralidhar Kalidasu
Muralidhar Kalidasu
3 years ago

Thank You for bringing this SC, Alok Ji. Cool and happy

3 years ago

By any chance, you have the results of doing the just opposite, that is switching to bottom 10 laggards of NN50 index?


[…] I believe this is a great passive strategy for folks who are wanting to diversify into index investing. This can not only beat index returns but provide a much needed low cost experience of managing your own monies yourself.We had a great response in the first few week with a few hundred users joining in taking advantage of the introductory prices. A detailed report on the first month performance was sent recently […]

2 years ago

I have always been admirer of IIT BRAINS !! My younger brother is also IITian and I wonder how these IITians do wonders in every sphere!!!
Probably due to inherent genius .
Salute to Alok jiπŸ‘Œ

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    Mi-NNF10- Monthly Review Nov 2020 (updated 01.12.2020)