Shubh :A new trading platform is in town

I was recently invited to the launch of Shubh, a trading app by Indiabulls Venture team. Having been in the broking industry myself for more than two decades till very recently, I recalled how Indiabulls group had been the first to launch an online trading software near the year 2000 and how I admired their giant strides in the brokerage business then, awestruck with their phenomenal growth. Post the Global Financial Crisis almost all brokerage houses, Indiabulls also suffered the pangs of the recession in the industry but in the last many years they have been able to re-transform themselves into a leading brokerage name again. I was happy to see them back in action.

The launch event was that for the Indiabulls Shubh trading mobile app. The app is an agile and efficient one which can satisfy the most demanding customers in terms of features speed and simplicity of use. The most redeeming features of the app for me seemed the lightening fast on-boarding process, the exciting subscription plans, the ability to use third party depositories and the ease of margin funding provided. Let me elaborate on each.

Same day On-boarding
Pro-claiming one of the fastest on boarding processes, you can get going on the Shubh app in hours. All you need is your PAN and Aadhaar details if you are KRA compliant, and as you can see in this video it will take under 10 mins to go through the entire process and you are done! The backend team makes sure you can be online the very same day. Never miss an opportunity to trade now even if you don’t have an account today!

All in one Subscription Plans
One of the best features of this app is its subscription plans. I was totally floored. Even though I use a discount broker myself who I pay only INR20 per trade, as an active trader, I do a good 20 to 30 trades a day and at the end of the month I have usually raked up a brokerage bill for a good INR 10-15K. With the do as much as you want subscription plans at Shubh, I could replicate the same for guess what!!…as low as INR 1000!! Unbelievable!! This is disruption at its best!

Ability to use third party depository
One more great advantage of using Shubh is that they allow you to hold your stocks in a third party depository. What this means is that some of you who are not comfortable holding your stocks with the same entity as your transaction broker now have an additional safety net as your stocks are held at a third party professional Depository Participant.  I would certainly want to de-risk my holdings this way.

Margin funding made easy
Margin funding is now available on tap. Depending the on the haircut required for the type of funding, and based on your need for funds, just chose the appropriate plan and the requisite  funds are available to you, of course to be used as per the risk management system offered by the company. Nevertheless, a great feature to have as you know upfront your monthly margin funding cost and there is no limit to how many times you can rotate that funding in the month. That is an amazing advantage!

The app itself is loaded with fundamental and technical based features to study the stocks on your watchlists and has all the creature comforts one desires in a mobile trading app as can be seen on this video.  It is available on both android and iOS platforms. The app covers all trading markets in Equity, F&O and Currency. The account opening charges at INR 500 incl of GST are nominal and up-to 4X exposure is allowed on the F&O segment. The team backing the app is an able team, and is excited about the product and their positive body language showed that they are ready to disrupt the market.

It was my pleasure to be at the event. It was indeed a Shubh Milaap.


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    Shubh :A new trading platform is in town