Smallcase Monday Update note

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Many smallcase users have sent mails regarding the update.  I have checked with smallcase and all update mails have gone.

If you are a MiLTCNX user, you have 2 stock additions

For MiMTAllCap and MiSTATH smallcase there is no change.

The Update emails are triggered only if you are invested in the smallcase and not just registered.

Any questions please write to

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Praveesh Kumar G
Praveesh Kumar G
3 years ago

I did not find these 3 scheme in Zerodha Small Case login. How to invest in these schemes??

Tanmay Broachwala
Tanmay Broachwala
3 years ago

Hi Alok,

I have invested in MiSTATH small case but did not receive any email yesterday.

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    Smallcase Monday Update note