The Good Bad and Ugly weekly review : 24 Sep 2021

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Despite the volatility, all the benchmark indices witnessed moderate gains between 0.13% to 1.52% barring the Nifty Jnr which returned (-0.2%). Mi ATH 2 has done quite well with gains of 9.69% in the last 30 days after seeing off a quick correction that took place soon after we opened doors for subscription. Mi 20, our 20 stock rotational momentum based strategy has been quietly gaining grounds to emerge as our top perming Smallcase in the last 30 days with returns of 14.65%. Strategies like Mi NNF 10Mi LT CNX 200 (large & mid cap), Mi 20 and Mi 50 (mid & small cap) have all done remarkably well from a quarterly returns perspective.

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    The Good Bad and Ugly weekly review : 24 Sep 2021