The Good Bad and Ugly weekly review report Sep 25 2020

A unidirectionally downward week with sharp fall for four days and a sharp retracement on the fifth. Nifty fell nearly 500 points in the week and intraweek about 750 pts.

Nifty this week

Bank Nifty was similar and closed a 1000 pts lower with intraweek lows were near 1500 pts dip.


STAIRS our trading product was shining bright this week and gained handsomely 18% on capital intraweek and closed about 12 % higher than last week covering all the damage of the previous week.

The Options4STAIRS module of STAIRS also did well.
The Buy options Model gained 12%+ on Nifty and 10.5%+ on BankNifty trades in the weekly series ended 24.9.2020. This is from model portfolio running on a moderate 3% risk per trade basis.

The Sell options model gained about 1% on NF and 3.5% on BN for weekly expiry ending 24.09.2020.

Both these models track STAIRS signal in contra directions and have defined risk per trade.

The Weekendinvesting Smallcases were surprising not so badly damaged this week. The star performer Mi ATH dropped just 3% for the week

For Monday 28 SEP 2020, the proposed changes are:

Mi_LT_CNX200    : 1 exit
Mi_MT_Allcap     : 2 exits, 1 add
Mi_ST_ATH           : 2 exits
Mi 25                      : 2 exits

Liquid bees is not being included as an add or exit.
If any stock is at a down circuit, and you are unable to exit, please await its circuit to open and then sell . If any such eventuality is there we will adjust the smallcase index to the extent of the difference in the Fri close and the date of circuit open for the stock.

In the LIVE product strategies,  there was some damage but nothing out of the expectation. In some portfolios we were handsomely gaining on GMMPFAUDLR to the extent of 75-100% and we may give up most of that gain. Given that our exposure is 2-4% of the portfolio there is no worry. Again as per fair practice we have always followed, the model will assume the price of the stock when the down circuit is open.

This week the STAIRS was the GOOD, the Long only were kind of BAD and Golds’ move was the Ugliest! 🙂 I continue to believe in the asset allocation to Gold and urge everybody to build up-to half their age as percent networth in Gold this decade.

An important update related to SEBI guidelines will be put up in next 2 days

That is all this week. STAY SAFE and stay in peace !

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    The Good Bad and Ugly weekly review report Sep 25 2020