Weekly Performance Update Jun 12 2020

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A volatile week where markets went on a roller coaster on the back of a 6 pct drop in the US markets on Thursday to stage a dramatic comeback on Fri from a huge gap lower. Overall the index closed about 1.6 pct lower this week.

Our long only portfolios did well and closed in the green.  The cash levels are reducing fast and some portfolios are fully allocated. The STAIRS hedge was whip-lashed this week several times in the volatile environment and lost some ground vis a vis last week.

Overall with asset allocation to Gold ( up 3.3% this week at time of writing), a well balanced portfolio can rigour the storm of such volatility easily.

These are the goods this week. Good Bad or Ugly… Have a Safe Weekend !

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November 12, 2018 by Weekend Investing

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    Weekly Performance Update Jun 12 2020