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Weekendinvesting is a model portfolio research service that you can use to mirror your investment portfolios with, at your own pace,  in your own brokerage account with  just 2 minutes of effort per week!!. This rule based investing system has a proven track record and is easy to implement even if you have no market experience.

To know in depth about Momentum investing , please watch this video
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The next steps :
Which is the RIGHT product for you ? How to Subscribe ?
2 options:
Easy 2 click semi automated operation through a dozen selected brokers- Go to Weekendinvesting Smallcases
Self managed manual execution on any platform- Go to  Weekendinvesting Universal Products

Features of the Weekendinvesting service:
All our model portfolio products are genetically driven by the “Momentum” engine.  The key thesis is to have a portfolio that represents STRENGTH in the market while gradually eliminating WEAKNESS from the portfolio, thus outperforming  when the markets are going down and out performing when the markets are going up, somewhat like the theory of the Survival of the Fittest !  We strongly believe in having a plan in place for all eventualities so that one can eliminate FEAR from the process of investing. The rules around Entry, Exit, Diversification and portfolio Concentration factors are already accounted for in the system.

  • All our products are DIY (Do-It-Yourself) ones. You run the strategy in your own broking account. You retain full control over your money and assets at all times.  There are two options.  You can chose Weekendinvesting smallcase products where all the execution is a 2 click process through the fintech platform smallcase.com OR can chose to run the strategy yourself at your broker using Universal products.
  • A live model portfolio is shared with you at all times and ONE weekly update email is sent at a precise pre-decided time for portfolio update execution.
  • Different Weekendinvesting Products  are available based your selection of  risk profile /market cap diversification and expected Risk/Rewards. The number of stocks can range from 10 to 50 stocks in a portfolio.
  • Allocations within each product strategy, entry and exit decisions are clearly and precisely defined at all times. There is no room for any ambiguity. You are free to chose your own allocation as well.
  • No predictions, guessing, praying or hoping for returns. We follow market trends and good upward market trends get us premium returns.
  • Bhav Bhagwaan Che’ : No fundamental stories to follow and no guessing the next results, the price behavior takes care of all that.
  • Capital preservation is a key feature of most of the strategies. The model portfolio will shift gradually to cash in times of distress (Tactical allocation model) on most portfolios
  • Long term wealth generation is the key focus of the model. Individual stock success or failure is immaterial. The overall absolute returns is all that counts.
  • These model strategies can complement your other investments in equity related instruments such as Mutual funds, direct equity or PMS managed funds. These are researched products and not advice. For advice, please consult your financial planner or RIA.

Thousands of  investors are happy making use of this easy, unique and successful approach to compliment their investments and these TESTIMONIALS prove the same

If you have any questions, get in touch at support@weekendinvesting.com

We are a research firm and not an advisory firm. We do not offer financial planning, risk assessment or customization of offerings.  We operate strictly as per requirements of the SEBI RA regulations. All products are non refundable . Please be sure before subscribing to any product.  Please read the terms and conditions for using this website and service.
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