A Simple Guide to Start Investing

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Here is an easy step by step guide to start WInvesting and jumping on your journey of financial freedom !

What are WeekendInvesting Product Offerings and which one should I choose?

WeekendInvesting runs simple rule based portfolio strategies based on Momentum Investing. We offer you financial research in the form of a model portfolio that you can duplicate into your Demat Accounts through a subscription plan. Your funds and securities always remain secure in your own brokerage account giving you full flexibility and ownership at all times.

We offer our strategies through either the Smallcase platform or through Universal products. The difference between the two options is not that of strategy. The strategy remains the same, the key difference lies in the execution.

Smallcase Strategies

  • These are the strategies that provided through the Smallcase platform that is linked to top brokerage houses.
  • This platform helps in duplicating our model portfolio on your Demat account while having the full ownership of the funds in your broker account.
  • Our research recommendations reach you directly in Smallcase in the form of Buy and Sell instructions which can be executed with a single click.
  • The smallcase route uses the linked brokerage account to send in the rebalance orders post Monday market open as “market” orders (not limit orders) in the markets. 
  • Smallcase fees and charges can be understood in the blog linked here.

Universal Strategies

  • The research for these strategies are provided through a Google Sheet for the user to then use this research to trade manually.
  • The user here has full flexibility of execution not only which broker to use but how the order will be sent into the system.
  • A limit order or a partial order can be gradually eased into the system without disrupting price.
  • We also provide handholding in creating your own google sheets to manage your portfolio with manuals and videos that can help you come to speed quickly.

Which WI Strategy is right for me?

When considering which WeekendInvesting (WI) strategy is the right fit for you, it’s essential to start by reflecting on your financial goals, risk tolerance, the size of your investment and the style of Momentum investing you prefer.

We offer a variety of strategies to cater to different investor profiles and have categorised our current strategies based on the factors mentioned above so that you are able to make an informed decision for yourself.

Visit the WeekendInvesting Hub linked here to delve into the specifics of each Smallcase/Universal strategy we offer, including detailed insights into their past performances, which can guide you in choosing the strategy that best matches your investment profile.

Our Analytics page also offers tools to Compare Strategies and Combine Strategies. This feature allows you to assess how different strategies align with your investment goals side by side and helps you to explore how combining them might enhance your portfolio’s diversification and potential returns.

How do I make a Demat account ?

We have linked the broker specific information below

  • Features of the demat account
  • Documents required for account opening
  • Step by step guide to open the demat account
  • Account charges and fees
  • How to close the account ?
  • Important tips & precautions
  • FAQs
  1. Zerodha Demat Account
  2. ICICI Demat Account
  3. Groww Demat Account
  4. HDFC Demat Account
  5. IIFL Demat Account
  6. Upstox Demat Account
  7. Kotak Demat Account
  8. Axis Demat Account

I have chosen the WI Smallcase Strategy I want, how do I subscribe ?

Check out the Step by Step guide for how you can subscribe to a WeekendInvesting Smallase !

How do I reach out to you in case of a query

How does rebalancing work and how will I get the rebalance updates ?

You will receive rebalance updates through two main channels

  • Good, Bad and Ugly Report : You will be receiving this report from us on our WeekendInvesting App and on your emails every Saturday. This report will detail the number of exit/ entry in the strategies, their performance and analysis of the market movements for the week, interesting stock stories that were observed.
  • Update from Smallcase: You will also be receiving the rebalance update from Smallcase on your email and whatsapp. You will also be able to see the rebalance update in your Smallcase portfolio

    Note: For Universal users, your Google Sheets will be timely updated with the rebalances.

Download the WeekendInvesting App to get the critical updates on strategies, timely rebalance information, daily market analysis and exclusive offers and discounts.

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    A Simple Guide to Start Investing