Some of the feedback /comments/ testimonials from our patrons and well wishers for both our long only momentum Weekendinvesting products and Long/Short Index trading STAIRS product:





























































Dear sir, just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic services.
I have been using 1 lot BN and recently started 1 lot option as per signal. Once I get a move in desired direction, I will hedge it with sell option to make cost nil.
Since I get moves more in favor, even if I lose few points in fut of BN, overall I end up making higher points.
Really thankful for this service


























I have been following you and STAIRS Free channel for quite some time and i am amazed by  straight forwardness in your views and your trading acumen(STAIRS consistent performance shows that).I sincerely respect you for creating such an amazing product.I don’t see STAIRS just as a product, giving signals on NIFTY and BANK NIFTY,but also as a product which teaches DISCIPLINE and PATIENCE which are the most important qualities of an aspiring trader. I honestly feel you can charge more.


Sir gm
Have been following u now for a month !
M myself a option trader ( selling ) n have special liking for expiry trades !
but overtime realised that too much energy was being drowned trading intra day !
so shifted to positional  model on option selling
Paid descent dividends n then came mar
was short 12500 Ce .. market fell .. was happy that made a moolah but realised tht it wasn’t so !
made money but had missed the biggest move of my career !
so Theron was working on long/short model but ddnt have confidence…
Subscribed u n realised that I can also catch moves !!
Have been long bnf @20100 n not once have felt the urge to book it ! It’s because of reading to ur msgs ( have been following ur calls to totality ) though have been selling OTM CEs/PE against futures …
Sometimes simple things create magic n just reading u has instilled confidence in me n hopefully will create magic too
thanks sir !
Regards !






Thank you for the quick response Alok.
Your calls are just amazing and work like a wonder. I have learned a lot from the strategy you make us work with



hello Alok

We are a tight group of friends who earlier burnt fingers in primary market and returning after years due to the opportunity current market presents. This time want to do it with professional help and lesser emotion hence this email. BTW your site’s straight forwardness & simplicity is as impressive as your track record. 






























Some screenshots sent in by users










While i have subscribed to your Stairs for the last 6 months, i am yet to get into the discipline of following your system. Actually last 3 months did not take any trade as provided by the system and continued my discretionary F&O trades.
Today i lost a big sum of money by carrying longs and i am pretty upset at myself.
My only wish in my life is to be a good trader and be independent, but regularly i suffer set back.
I feel embarrassed to look at my kids and talk to them since I am robbing them of their wealth. Not that loss would take away anything from their plate, but the feeling that I still have not learned my lesson of not gambling makes me dejected.
I want sincerely tell that until today I have never seen a better trader than you who encourage retail to follow the system and teach patience. May God bless you.
I want to tell you that I want to follow your system going forward to what ever be the case.
I did not want to tell my wife or any friends since everybody would chide and tell me to stop trading. But i think you are an invisible mentor and hence i am penning down my thoughts,
Thank you for everything.. All the best Alok. God bless.
























In a world where straddles and strangles are sold in workshops for a fortune, you provide an efficient system based trading which is way cheaper.. it’s kinda too good to be true actually.. P.s. From a very happy STAIRS user – Dr GK

Hi Alok,

Writing in to appreciate the way Stairs handled Friday’s trade.
It was truly a black swan event and I am impressed that we could get away with a minor loss and already sitting on good M2M profits ! It does give me greater confidence in your strategy.
I was positioned only with the Nifty short and was feeling left out of the Bank Nifty short. Then of course I felt good that I had not taken that trade :). The Bank Nifty long on Friday is already sitting on good virtual profits.
Though it has been only a month for me, I have a good feeling about this product. The key I suspect is risk management in not over committing to leverage, as one bad day can undo months of good gains. – AK






Sir I am playing with model 2 . Only 2 lot each index.i am happy to share you that today is the maximum mtm i have achieved in my life time that is only through stairs.it teach us to control emotions and earning step by step
Regards. P


Sir,   I am  subscriber to STAIRS since 3 Sept 2019. Thanks to the system,  present profits are many times the annual subscription. ~ Kp









Within 2 hrs, half of subscription profit done. Wah, thanks for the confidence….






I have liked a lot your theory of momentum. Really nice product. I am very lucky to be associated with weekend investing and you as person. Thank you sir. Really i appreciate your service guarantee program. Nobody will give like that. You are confident and truly want people to earn and benefit the people. In this market all advisories will take people for a ride. Very rare people like you care of there clients. Thank you.


Hello Alok Sir
I am writing this mail to say thank you for such wonderful system.

Unfortunately I have not taken benefit of  STAIRS due to insufficient fund to trade in future. Some times I used your signals to trade through option.



Though I am not a subscriber to any of your service, But I highly appreciate your service guarantee rule in your advisory charges.

Sir, 1 lot each of bnf and nf are rocking….yesterday morning ,when everyone was buying you gave contrarian signal …feeling lucky . My deepest gratitude to you sir

STAIRS is not only a signal system but also a good teacher. It teaches you discipline, emotional resilience and risk management. Signals r just one part of it.

Dear Alok,

Just a word of appreciation.
Yesterday I bought the product, and today I have recovered almost all the amount I paid for it through one lot each of Nifty and Bank Nifty.
I did not carry forward the position and closed in last five minutes.
May be it’s beginner’s luck but I am glad I took the service. Hope to follow the signals diligently and don’t apply my mind and let the system take care of me.
Thanks and regards. Wish you all the best


As a STAIRS customer, I find STAIRS combines not just the simplicity and elegance of a Mechanical momentum based system, but also combines unique insights of Alok into price action, position sizing and profit booking / exit strategies.

 It’s a really good strategy. Takes a while to condition oneself mentally, but once past that hurdle, it’s really cool




Aug 1st i subscribed to @Stairs2Pn alrdy realised its potential


Absolutely agree with this… And the pricing is absurd… I mean it’s been a week since I have subscribed and subscription fees are recovered

Sir, STAIRS is superb innovation

Sir, its the low fees that makes it feasible for ppl like me with lesser capital be able to participate. I can afford only 1 lot each NF & BN. In the current market conditions, #STAIRS is the only consolation for otherwise long only investors like me. Can’t thank you enough 🙏 BP

Hi Alok,

I had an F&O loss of 3.8L when i joined Stairs. This was due to taking random calls in twitter and trading without any stoploss. I am still studying TA and not yet ready to deploy my own analysis.
Your s/m helped he recover 1.75L in a months time. I should have recovered much more if i had 100% followed your s/m.(Tried to be smart by doing some intraday NIFTY trades to increase gain. In-turn failed to capture today’s down move)
Thank you for coming up with STAIRS.

I follow ur stairs telegram channel and indeed amazed how well it captured the full 900 fall in nifty with simplicity. Few trades with larger moves makes so much sense but tough to catch.


 Very much happy & relaxed with your system ( Mi_ATH Smallcase) . Have been investor for 14 years in mf & shares.  Having  a good time at work & at home.

First of all let me thank you for coming up with a perfect product STAIRS, suitable for people who do not get much time to stick to market.

I make sure I religiously stick to the system and I’ve been reaping benefits of STAIRS since May 2019 and I’m very happy about the performance.

Thanks for sharing such prompt and clear performance report.

Although results are not in our favor but love the transparency.
Thanks & Regards,



Dear Alok,

This is just to give you my experience with Stairs in last two months. Its really nice and I have followed the system to the spirit. With 5L capital and 3x leverage using 1 lot of Nifty and BNF I got around 70k profit in 2months. I feel its amazing, Thanks for this.
Dr I.K

Thanks for making me to learn how to follow a system. I had very good profit in May month.


Dr. I. K

Alok Sir,

Your strategies sound very professional and sensible……learning a lot from you…..and thats why I love trading with you…..
No book or course teaches you to reduce leverage around event and hedging long positions, position size, discipline (no matter what you feel like)….
I am glad there are not many teachers like you in this area else it will loose it edge 🙂
with love and huge respect.


I will like to thank you for the immense learning I have gained through STAIRS subscription.
Following it for 3months has taught me
1. Believing in systems and their success in long term.
2. Showed me how trends like March are followed.
3. Learned to handle high volatility events like IAF Balakot strikes.
4. how to handle sideways market of like April with high volatility as well.


Greetings. I am really happy that you have bought discipline and patience in our life through your stairs2profit. It an lovely system and gives a lot of peace of mind while trading.

Dear sir
I know and understand that complete capital Is always at risk But I can’t thank you enough .. I am very very obliged to you I was addicted to intra day trading making 20 Trades a day and making losses After joining stairs I have gradually learnt the art Of not trading when needed and I am so much More peaceful and happy . I just can quantify it I am also in the process of reading books recommended By you but currently find the information too overwhelming For me to assimilate and execute. If you guide me further to be a trader , I would always be Obliged Having said all this will always be very thankful To you and will consider joining stairs as one of the Major milestones in my trading journey which Has taught me enormously so far Thank you Best regards

Resp Alok Sir,

I am glade to part of Stairs Family.
There are so many things to be learnt from you,Discipline Conviction, Focused attitude, Patience which ultimately leads to consistent winner.
Once again thank you very much for your support.
Keep up the good work.


“Have only seen draw downs till now but doesn’t worry me because when I checked your exits with current prices about a month ago at that time only three were in positive territory while more than twenty were in negative territory. So thanks for saving our capital. Cheers”

Hello Sir,
I am XXX on twitter, after following you for approx. 1 year have taken the service.
I like the transparency you provide, do share whatever you think on twitter, I really look forward to your market views which are backed by charts.
Have started with 15 Lacs in Mi30 2 months back.
I am using it as side portfolio and very mechanically. Its been really tension free.
If I am holding something on my own analysis or on someones recommendations there is story, emotions and target involved. If for some reason I need money I am not able to sell, or regret would be there if stock rises after I sell. Not with momentum investing as I have no emotional connect and I know your system will onboard me on next train. So no regrets of selling when requirement is there and no feeling of FOMO as well.


“So like every Monday morning in the last 6 months I woke up, opened my mail from weekend investing and followed the instructions and without any emotions clicked away on the trades.

These last 6 months have been like a see-saw, some days I saw my portfolio in green while most days in red. I just relaised I have booked losses of 40k in the last 6 months ( wow that’s a lot of money to lose I thought to myself) , then I did some math that’s like 6,666 a month or 1,666 a week, then I think to myself that’s not too bad.. it’s more like the cost of a trip to the movies with dinner. Come to think of it that’s not too much at all, and I still have the remaining  87% saved and invested with a hope of them compounding.
It’s hard for every new investor who starts his journey with losses, it’s easy to give up. But for  me , *I’m going to believe in the system and never give up”


“I think you manage draw-downs extremely well and that is probably your greatest strength. Gains will come anyway as you continue to hold onto your winners in an uptrend but the way you are handling the declines in the market is truly great. I saw your messages on Twitter about newcomers cribbing about you “not performing recently”, I guess they will understand the true strength of your strategy once they see a full cycle. I would like to thank you, I have learnt few key things from following your strategy, mainly the psychological aspect. I wish you the best and great success going forward.”

“I am very satisfied with the process and outcome of the product. Proof is, I just subscribed for another year”

“I am not sure about the profit and loss I will be incurring during this one year but I want to thank you because you gave me a reason to make donations towards a charity foundation, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.
Keep up the good work and Thank you again”

“Hi Alok, today I feel so happy to have invested in Mi25. All are worried about drawdown and correction and I am feeling very safe with the systematic approach of a system driven Module. Thanks for taking care of your investors from time to time. I am increasing my stake with every drawdown. Stay Blessed!!”

“Thank you very much for the super quick response. This is true hand holding.”

“I had been part of Mi25 in its 1st avatar. I was a 6 month member then. Couldn’t renew it Oct when my subscription expired as I was little caught up in some of Life’s imp events.  I have loved what you are doing and have received handsome returns in the past 6-8 months only because of Mi25.”

“I am following you since a month u r quite interesting and straight forward person. if u come to Mumbai then let’s meet up and have cutting chai.”

“Sir u r a Genius. I quite like & Admire Ur Strategy. You are Grounded & humble that’s the reason for your admiring.. Good luck & all the best. “

“Time will tell itself the success story. I think the people who are not sure about strategy must go out. I am just six month old in this market but I can say with all my research and understanding of this market that you are outstanding. “Bhav bhagvan chhe” is absolutely true. I have spent days night to understand the fundamentals but those didn’t work. Kudos to you. But one thing happened due to that research is that I had found you. God bless you .”

“You bring a refreshing take to the investing process”

“I really appreciate your response to all my queries till date . I don’t believe in spiritual gurus but seems that I will start believing in you as my investment guru . If you have plans for an subscriber s meet in Bangalore l Please let me know I will be keen to be a part of the same . Looking for to start small with you and then grow”

“First up, compliments on the success of your investing advisory model.
I am keen to join the Mi25 club with 2 registrations and taking this liberty to directly write to you given your record of replying, as i read on Twitter 🙂 “


“Have been following your tweets and guess few folks are hassled with the red in their portfolio to begin with. I too am in red as of now but understand that this part of the journey. Drawing from your pilot – passenger – flight analogy, wanted to let you know that I have fastened my seat belt and trust the experienced pilot to take the flight to the destination safely. “

 “May the force and momentum be with you.”

“I started following you after reading your coverage on moneycontrol.com. I always knew about advisory services offered by few market stalwarts for a fee but your presentation caught my attention which is vastly different than others and a trust got developed in a few days. I am a long term investor. I know how to buy but i could never learn to sell.”

“Should i bow down on my legs and propose you with cheque or first can we over a cup of coffee at pre-decided place by you.  In love with your investment idea”

“And I am very much open to straight talks like these and would want to continue in the same way in future as well. Sugar coated talks will anyways not help in making money.
Thanks Again!!!”

“I got tensed when i see all REDs on the next day of building the portfolio (even now few are in RED) but just going through your advice which is very similar to following Doctor’s prescription:). similar to having belief at the health care professional and his advice to cure a disease, I will be following your advice to build my wealth.”


“Read the article on Moneycontrol, details on weekend investing and your tweets. Today when people are chasing hot tips and bright ideas on trading etc, appreciate the professional and scientific approach you bring to the process of investing. Importantly the trust of the investors who follow you.”

“Hello, I’m thinking of subscribing to your services not just because you have a proven track record but mainly because you seem to be sensible and realistic ; the type who under promise but over deliver”

“Damn easy just wait for weekend email and act accordingly 🙂 Diligently following the recommendations. Slowly increasing the allocation as my initial capital was less than 10L Returns almost equal to yours (lagging behind by couple of % points)”

“Great journey for mi25
I wish I joined earlier but it’s never late
Trust me you will reach great heights in your journey
All the best and advanced new year wishes”

“Following up to inform, I reviewed my portfolio and I made 1.5 lacs on my 10 lacs portfolio in 2 months, the system paid for its fees within 2 weeks itself. I setup the 10 lacs and never bothered to look at it till today except for the weekly Friday emails and acted on it. Truly you are a legend and I’m sending a boatload of good karma to you, please continue to do the good work. I hope to buy you a Macallan 25 when I meet you.”

“The hardest thing was the initial setup and buying as per the allocation which took me an enormous 15 mins of time *grin*, after that, all I do is act on your recommendation once a week, which takes about 2 mins or nothing if there is a no weekly recommendation.


“As far as the system, it has been working flawlessly and effectively I need to spend 1 min every week to look at the email and take action accordingly.
In fact the Mi25 movement is beating most of the famous fund managers exists in market.Wishing us good luck and great success going forward so and improve our ability to contribute towards the society.
Keep up the good work.’



“Came across Alok and his momentum evangelism as I call it on Twitter last year. By this time I was slowly becoming aware of what momentum investing or trading was and was implementing a real rough model of my own. But his clarity of thought and supreme confidence in his own models is something that is refreshing. The system is everything. Jumped at the chance of being a part of the ride with him – his results were awesome. The product is everything that it is spelt out to be ..a nice performance tracking tool..to the point updates and the last but most important – its making stupendous returns in a rising market..entry pricing and timing of buys/sells depends on oneself..but you don’t miss too much as the picks till date have been amazing. As Alok says himself we will know when the market turns but think he and his system is prepared for the same. Lastly the thought of sponsoring a child through the subscription is also something which just adds to the product. All the very best to Alok and in turn for us…:)..”

“I have been actively trading 6 months on MI25 and following MI50 since its was a started on blog. With a full time demanding Job in a foreign country ,This was the perfect investment for me. Stayed true to the system .The results speak for themselves.
I believe in order to generate returns , basic principles needs to be followed. “Alpha + RiskManagement embedded in a trading plan”. Weekend investing does this via momentum and diversification in an excellent blend with a systemic trading and fine principles of entry and exit . Then it all it comes to execution . This is where it scores heavily with KISS strategy. With action required at once weekly/monthly it keeps most emotions at bay. (This was the cliche for me. ) The above factor really helped me to stay with system when things hit extremes like 400% return on Goa Carbon  or when Prakash was banned from market and still hold them. I always pursued things when things are bright, and I do believe there is lot more to it with conviction and compounding .


“I have just one word to say ‘Fantastic’. This is one of the best momentum strategy that I’ve come across till now. The stellar performance of Mi25 has shown what difference a disciplined approach can make.

Happy Wealth Creation.”

“I am very happy with the process and outcome of MI50. You can count me as one of your happy client. I don’t have any specific feedback other than saying “I am very happy”