Small Utility to quickly get the desired buy quantity

All weekendinvesting users, please add a small utility to your portfolio sheets as demonstrated on the "Monitor" tab of  the model sheet. You can copy and paste in your sheet or create a new one. This will enable you to just add the desired NSE symbols and the required buy quantities will be calculated automatically. … Continue reading Small Utility to quickly get the desired buy quantity

Ask-why-not-what-for-a-meaningful-financial-plan — by DAYANA YOCHIM

"Picture your ideal life, then map out your money goals — rather than the other way around. " Read the full article here Weekendinvesting blog shares interesting articles and strategies pertaining to trading, investing, personal finance, financial independence etc. This is not a in house opinion and nor do we have any claim or any rights … Continue reading Ask-why-not-what-for-a-meaningful-financial-plan — by DAYANA YOCHIM