How to pick the right sectors

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Over the past eight years, CNX IT and Bank Nifty have emerged as top performers, with remarkable growth of 200%. Meanwhile, CNX Auto has shown resilience, bouncing back from a significant downturn to register an impressive 180% growth.

Market narratives often overshadow objective data, leading investors to overlook sectors with strong performance. By focusing solely on stories rather than data-driven analysis, investors risk missing out on good opportunities and may remain stuck with underperforming stocks.

Examining the past 15 months reveals shifting trends, with Pharma and Auto sectors outperforming Bank Nifty and CNX IT. Such fluctuations highlight the importance of adapting to changing market dynamics and having a strategy in place to capitalize on emerging trends.

A robust strategy should facilitate seamless sector rotation, allowing investors to capitalize on momentum shifts. By staying agile and unbiased, investors can navigate market cycles effectively, rotating into winning sectors and exiting underperformers in a timely manner.

Moving Beyond Buy-and-Hold

The traditional buy-and-hold approach may no longer suffice in today’s dynamic markets. Instead, investors should embrace a proactive strategy that aligns with evolving market trends, thereby minimizing portfolio pain and maximizing returns.

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    How to pick the right sectors