Our goal is to help you achieve financial freedom using momentum investing

We build strategies that capture momentum

Our USP is designing momentum strategies for retail investors. Our differentiator is accommodating the strategy complexity with various rules into a simple service which can be used by anyone with a smartphone.

We believe momentum investing is the most superior form of investing. It is governed by various buy and sell rules. Momentum investing generates superior returns because it is unbiased and non discretionary. There are no assumptions regarding how a company will perform or a particular sector will perform. There are also no favourites and certainly no affection towards specific companies. It is strictly rule based. Every year there are different companies or sectors which perform. Momentum investing is the only form of investing which will help you get into those companies and sectors and move out of under performing ones.

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For investors to build wealth with conviction

Our service is executed via Smallcase platform. It allows you to run our strategy in your own brokerage account. Your funds and securities always remain secure in your own brokerage account. Our research recommendations reach you directly in Smallcase in the form of Buy and Sell instructions which can be executed with a single click

WeekendInvesting makes it easy for you to get into trending stocks that are showing strength and exit from those which are signalling weakness. You can keep your portfolio healthy with just few minutes of work every week. No reading, no watching news or following market movements in needed. You will be certain about having the strongest stocks in your portfolio. We recommend having a long term view of at least 3-5 years via regular SIP. We welcome you to experience this form of investing and start your journey being a Weekend Investor.

Our Founder’s Story

Alok is the Founder of Weekend Investing. He has been in the Indian stock markets for more than two and a half decades now. He is passionate about building mechanical trading and investing models to invest in the markets that can generate superior returns. His dream is to try help others achieve Financial Independence early so that life can be lived to the full, like it has for him.

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Graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT D)



Masters in Finance and an M.B.A. from University of Maryland USA



Set up one of the first National Stock Exchange corporate membership in New Delhi. For two decades, he serviced institutional, corporate, H.N.I. and thousands of retail clients. Along the way developed a keen sense for systematic rule based investing systems and technical trading.



On completing twenty years of the business, Alok decided to roll out the same strategies that he was running for his own money on for others.This led to the creation of these DIY model based portfolios under the banner of Weekend investing.



Partnered with the fintech platform Smallcase.com to be their first SEBI registered partner manager to offer curated portfolios on their platform.



Weekendinvesting became a part of Weekendinvesting Analytics P Limited, a SEBI registered corporate research analyst company.

A respected brand, delighted customers

We have more than 15000 happy subscribers. Our focus on customer service has helped grow over the years. We regularly speak with our seasoned subscribers to understand them even more. Here are some selected episodes.

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