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Alok Jain is a graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (1991) and holds a Masters in Finance and an M.B.A. from University of Maryland USA (1995). He has been in the Indian stock markets since 1996.  Alok is passionate about building rule based investing model portfolios to generate superior returns with lesser efforts.

Alok’s journey in the markets started with his setting up one of the first National Stock Exchange corporate membership in New Delhi in 1996. For two decades, he serviced institutional, corporate, H.N.I. and thousands of retail clients and along the way developed a keen sense for systematic rule based investing systems and technical trading. On completing twenty years of the business in 2016, Alok decided to roll out the same strategies that he was running for his own money on for others which led to the creation of these DIY model based portfolios under the banner of Weekendinvesting that required only 2 minute weekly intervention by the users. 

In 2018, Alok partnered with the fintech platform  to be their first SEBI registered partner manager to offer curated portfolios on their platform. Weekendinvesting since then has emerged as one of the largest manager for smallcases over the last many years serving thousands of users. The weekendinvesting products are also available now on IIFL, Edelweiss and Angel broking platforms besides dozens of other broker platforms. In 2021, Weekendinvesting became a part of Weekendinvesting Analytics P Limited, a SEBI registered corporate research analyst company.


49 thoughts on “My Story

      1. Dear Mr. Jain

        Myself Kunal Jain from Ahmedabad.

        Trying to fill up new user registration but unfortunately it’s not working as tried it out 3 times., So will you kindly help me out with registration process please.

        Kunal Jain


  1. Sir I m not a trader ,but after my graduation I have been a keen investor and would love to spend my entire life in the market.
    I have always read that trading is not profitable.
    Logically I feel that in trading people try to catch someone’s else money through trade. This is not the case in investing.

    If you could logically explain me incorrect. Please do it.
    At last all models can’t work ,some models have to fail for others to pass.


      1. Yesterday I came to know about your blog through money control.

        short term trades will always have stop losses.Everyday will the subscribers have to put stop loss order for every stock present in the portfolio?

        when are you launching Mi20?

        If your recommendations jump 2% or 3% from the given price, do you still recommend to purchase at higher prices? it happens when many people chase moderately liquid stocks the price jump is inevitable.


  2. Dear Alok sir,
    Just went thru the article on money control n got interested in ur blog. I wish to know more about your service n charges. My wife does some trading in equites for short period of 1-2 months. Though the volumes are not high but I wish to support her in get her guided so that she can do it better.


  3. Dear Sir !,
    Readout about you in Moneycontrol article , I am beginer in Market and working for financial freedom in five year and want 1 crore portfolio by 15 Aug 22 . Pls suggest how can I learn from you as idea of weekend suite me .
    Please guide !


  4. Dear Alok air,

    I wish to join your;Mi20 plan since the capital requirement in that plan is less and I am a small invester
    Kindly apprise me when you start this plan



  5. Dear Alok sir I am in defence don’t have much of capital pl advice which scheme to join my wife does little bit of trading. Time constraint is also there gone through your entire website


  6. Hi Alok sir,

    I went through the article in Moneycontrol and so went to your site.
    I mainly do long term investing selecting but Tring for Daily trading on call and put hasn’t gone that we’ll.
    Would like to ask in your site the programmes had a minimum 10 lac is that the starring amount to begin investing ? Are their any lower value portfolio?

    Also if you could help suggest on some tips.

    Thanks. !!


  7. Hello sir,

    Do you conduct any classes or seminars to teach mantra for trading succesfully in markets.? I have some knowledge of technical analysis of stock, but watching each and every stock daily and technically analysing those stock is bit difficult.

    I dont want to Be dependend on someone else buy or sell calls, rather I want to start making my own calls to buy or sell or find entry or exit level in stock.

    Can you can help with the insider knowledge?


  8. Hi Alok,

    I went through all services, but looking at my budget I can invest max 5 lac to 10 lac. So as per Services I come under Mi25, others are for big investors if I am not wrong. I am interested . Kindly suggest how can I go ahead.

    Akshay Morche


  9. Hello Sir,
    Can you please mentor me so that i can earn the amount required for your Mi services. Am willing to pay any fee for your mentorship. Please teach me how to fish and feed me for a lifetime. thank you.


  10. Hi

    I am about to buy Mi25. I have a few queries.

    1. Mi25 subscription was opened around 2 months ago. If I start it now, wouldn’t I be out of sync with the Mi25 Model portfolio?
    2. Do I need to add all current holding of Mi25 to start or should I start from the recommendations I would get after subscription?


  11. Hi Sir,

    Currently Nifty50 is about to touch 16000 . Is that a right time to join your products?

    Capital is 5 L .

    Which one would be best ?

    Or should I need to wait for correct time for entry??




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