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After  a successful launch of our two smallcases Mi_LT_CNX200 and MI_MT_Allcap which have been well received we are adding another smallcase to the bouquet to complete the risk spectrum called the Mi_ST_ATH (Momentum Investing /Short term trends / All time high stocks)

The Mi_ST_ATH is a very special smallcase. It is a subset of a personal strategy that I have been running for myself for some time.  It is a very concentrated portfolio of up-to 10 stocks . As the name suggests  the target stocks are all near their 52 wk / All time highs and a weekly re-balance ensures that high momentum stocks are always in the pack.  There have been many studies on the positive behavior of stocks near their highs and this portfolio is a implementation of the same successful studies. A good feature here is that while the universe is all listed NSE stocks, a very high turnover filter is used for stock selection which eliminates large slippages.

Mi_ST_ATH is a higher return potential smallcase with moderately higher risk as well. Details of the returns back-tests etc are given on the blog  pages.

As a preview, the current (Apr 2019) subset of stocks in the small case are :


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    4 years ago

    Can you please let me know what is the minimum capital required for the above mentioned Mi_ST_ATH product?

    manish tawari
    manish tawari
    4 years ago

    Dear sir ,

    Can U clear certain things in this small case like– 1) is risk reward more or less comparable to mi 25 or more than that? 2) what should one expect as annual return if joins this small case? 3) what should be the max money which can be deployed in this small case or in other small cases ?(I have joined MT small case) 4) Is SIP advisable in this small case? 5) what drawdown should we keep in mind while joining this small case? 6) even if we do sip do we need to put money in multiples of minimum amount required in small case?


    Regards, Dr Manish Tawari

    manish tawari
    manish tawari
    4 years ago

    Dear sir , I have already joined medium term small case .how can I join ST ATH small case ?

    3 years ago

    Hi Alok, What is the universe which is considered for this small case i.e. Only Nifty index stocks or Top 200 Nifty stocks or something else?

    3 years ago

    Would like to subscribe to your services