Mi20 Teaser 2

February 10, 2018 1 min read

Here are the THEORETICAL results of Mi20 run over the last 15 years. Note that this assumes brokerage + slippage at 1% per trade. In actually if some stocks are illiqiud or hit circuits slippages can be much more. Absorb the results with a pinch of salt!



0 thoughts on “Mi20 Teaser 2

  1. Sir, what would be the maximum amount in portfolio for this strategy to keep slippage and other incidentals under your assumed limits? Since this is for unlimited subscription, I am asking the cumulative amount in portfolio and not on per subscriber basis

  2. Hi Alok ji,

    I registered for Mi20 and want to know when I will get to know further updates like when it will start? And where to transfer the donation fees for the same.

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    Mi20 Teaser 2